Get your trigger foot ready

The Whiskeytown Quickdraw

3v3 Tournament

DATES: July 30th - August 1st

DIVISIONS: 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 19U, Open Adult (18+), Adult (30+)




In this fast paced event, the Wild Wild West meets the world of soccer for a goal slinging show down in the cool of the day, with games on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.
This event provides entertainment for the whole family, with divisions for both young and old.

Divisions for everyone

Never Played? No problem!
You really don't need a lot of experience - just 3 friends

No Coach needed
1 contact person - 16 or older required

3 games per team (more depending Covid)
36 minutes matches

Coach and Play!
non-conflicting adult/youth schedules


  • Teams do not need an official coach (though they're welcome), only a contact person, who will connect with us and get the team to their games. (16 yrs and older required).

  • Games are 18 minute halves with a 4 minute half time (30 mins total). They're exciting and fast-paced, on small fields with lots of touches.

  • You don't need experience! Just get out there and have fun!

  • We're keeping it cool: games will be played in the evening on Saturday, and the morning on Sunday.

  • Father's Day Traditional Family Match: team up with your kids for a friendly Father's Day game on Sunday (no registration required).

  • Parents and Kids at alternate times: the plan is to stagger youth and adult division game times, so when you're not playing your games you can still watch your kids play, and vice versa.


  • 1v1 Showdown: face off in our 1v1 arena and stay on your toes.

  • 6 Shooter Challenge: our exciting speed and accuracy challenge.

  • Triggerfoot: find out how fast you can sling a goal with our speed radar.

  • DJ & Tunes: feel free to dance

  • Food: Strikers Food & Beverage will be open!

  • Dress to Impress: I mean, it's a western themed tournament, might as well dress for the occasion. 

  • Photo-booth: stop by the tournament banner and take some team or family photos :)