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We are not hiring at this time. Apply now or check this August to apply for the Fall season.

Box Office / Concession Staff

Role Description:

Looking for well rounded team players, ready to be utilized in a number of varying roles - always with a smile!

Hours: 8-20 Hours per week - Friday & Saturday, some weekdays.

Rate: $15-17 per hour

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Program Manager

Programs Coordinators work to create and execute the best possible events!


Job Description:


Program Coordinating - Everything in an event, from the food to field scheduling, must be organized in a practical and useful manner for those participating.


• Create event schedules when necessary (fields, vendors, etc.)
• Ensure event is running smoothly, solve problems when they arise

Team Management - Programs Coordinators must be able to manage a team before, during and after an event.


• Managing events, including a staff and volunteers up to 30-40 people
• Planning for potential scenarios that could impact the integrity of the event 

Budgeting - Every event comes with a cost, and it’s the Programs Coordinator’s job to keep those costs within the allocated budget.


• Creating reliable financial reports and collecting payments on time 
• Working within the budget with all costs 

Skills and Qualifications: 


Communication and Interpersonal Skills - Programs Coordinators are required to network with many organizations and individuals over the course of their job.


• Customer service ensuring the participants are happy and satisfied with the result 
• Developing and maintaining relationships with local youth and adult leagues 
• Work with local businesses to support events 
• Work to maintain and grow volunteer base 

Useful Information - Certain sports and computer-related information will be required to perform your job duties.


• Ability to use Microsoft Office, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint
• Maintaining a working knowledge of the complex 
• Understanding the rules and regulations of a wide variety of sports  


$17-20 per hour
25-35 hours per week

Maintenance / Landscaping Crew 

Role Description:

 Manual work, equipment operation for yard care, maintenance, landscaping, facility setup and teardown for events, facility and field cleaning. Involves operating vehicles and equipment. Ideally applicate has facility maintenance, lawn care, and water sprinkler experience.

Begins immediately.​

Hours: 20-30 Hours per week - Weekdays, Some Saturdays.

Rate: $15-18 per hour

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