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Coaches get in FREE when coaching a game.

For safety regulations, a sand-bag MUST be on the net of every goal as an anchor AT ALL TIMES.

Help us make the equipment last as long as possible, and please DO NOT throw the bags or drag the goals.

The practice block reservations are valid from August 26th through November 7th.

If you would like to reserve practice space outside of these dates, contact the soccer park directly.

In the event of an emergency, please assist staff in directing people to the exits/general assembly area (see the map below).

Respect the pitch and the time. The time reserved for your team is the time you can be on the field, this includes your setup and tear down, and any team meetings. PLEASE stick to your times.

If you remain on the field past your reservation time, the individual team will be billed. 


GAME DAY ADMISSION is $4 for spectators.

Players and kids 12&UNDER are FREE.

We are a non-profit, here to provide a safe place for players to grow and develop.

For more information or to donate to park operations, visit:

PUNCH CARDS have 10 admissions, do not expire and can be used for multiple persons at one time. Purchase them before the season starts to avoid waiting in line.

They can be purchased for $25 online and picked up at our office.

NOTE: on March 27 the price will increase to $35 


At the California Soccer Park, we work to create a safe family oriented atmosphere. Our goal is that everyone who walks in the gates will walk out having had a great experience. That everyone, whether on or off the field, would display a kind and positive attitude towards everyone around them; to spectators, players and opposition alike. That everything said and done here would be to build each other up. We hope that you will join us on our mission to champion and affirm everyone we come into contact with. 

TEAM SPONSORS: A great opportunity for teams

Teams that sell a park banner to a sponsor will receive 50% of the banner sponsorship towards their field credit.

It's a great way to get the community to partner with both the park and youth leagues. With over 240,000 people that come through the park each year, it provides plenty of exposure for their business.

Facility Map - Evac-01.png
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