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California Soccer Park 

Reopening Procedures

To help slow the spread of Covid-19 and safeguard our players, coaches, league representatives, officials, guests, and employees, California Soccer Park has implemented the following guidelines and policies in accordance with all local, state, and federal mandates, as well as recommendation from the CDC and Shasta County Office of Health.

Measures to Protect Employees, Players, and Guests

Entering and Exiting the Park

  • Entering the park will be similar to previous seasons, everyone (excluding members as they have a special entrance) will enter through the normal gate on the west side of the office building. Please follow the BLUE directional arrows on the ground to be led to the entrance. Please stay on your physical distancing circle on the ground until the one in front of you becomes available.

  • Exiting the park will be different. Follow the YELLOW directional arrows on the ground to be led out of the park on the east side of the building. DO NOT LEAVE THE WAY YOU CAME IN!

  • Hand stamps for reentry will be cleaned with a disinfected wipe after every use.

California Soccer Park Staff and Office Building

  • To limit spread, our office building will be completely locked during normal operations. This includes our Conference Room and Office Building Bathrooms (Strikers bathrooms will be open). Should you need to get a hold of someone, please call 221-2344 and press “2”, and an office staff member will try to answer as we are at significantly reduced staff.

  • Protective Barriers will be utilized at all point-of-sale and food pick-up locations.

  • Bathrooms will be closed, unless we have volunteers sign up and are trained to clean them.

  • Restrooms, counters, doors, railings, tables, and chairs will be sanitized frequently throughout the day/night when the facility is open. All areas will be thoroughly sanitized and cleaned prior to opening each day.

  • The Playground will be closed. All Drinking fountains and Misters are not usable.

Stricker’s Food & Beverage

  • The self-service station consisting of condiment packets, straws, utensils, napkins, and coffee creamers will be moved behind the front counter to be handed out by our Food & Beverage staff as requested.

  • When applicable multiple entrances and sectioned seating will be utilized to allow for social distancing guidelines.

  • Seating will be reduced to 50-75% capacity to meet physical distancing standards.


Its is our utmost priority to ensure the safety of all who choose to attend, work, or play at the Park. Thank you for your cooperation and patience during these unique times.

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Park Map

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