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Kenta Smith's Soccer Experience

As many high school seniors are graduating this week, we connected with Kenta Smith, a U-prep senior. Kenta has played on U-prep’s Boys Varsity Soccer team when it was first in league and second in the division his junior year and then again when they got second in league his senior year. Kenta was also an All League player his senior year and he has been a referee for two years. During his time away from school, due to physical distancing orders, Kenta has been staying busy by “Skating, mountain biking,” helping his dad with work and “preparing for college.” He has also made some time to go “out a few times to…kick some balls around” on his own.

We asked Kenta how he thinks our new fields will benefit the players that will be using them in the future. He said, “The new fields will be much more welcoming to all players, because” whenever he has played on them in the past he would “get nasty wounds. It’ll be much safer.” We agree! We are relieved to be getting a far safer environment for all players on the fields. This way we can continue to provide safe activities for our youth as they develop into talented leaders that will achieve great success in their future. Players like Kenta deserve every bit of recognition they can get as they are the ones that younger players can look to for inspiration. Congratulations, Kenta, on all of your incredible accomplishments through soccer and on graduating!

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