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The California Soccer Park granted approval from Boise State University's to install colored turf.

The Blue Turf for Boise State has become synonymous with the University and its athletic and educational programs, providing them with hard-won national prominence and recognition. It is a valuable piece of intellectual property earned and created by the benefactors, the students of Boise State University, as well as public funds of the people of the State of Idaho. The Blue Turf is to Boise State what “Between the Hedges” is to Georgia, or what the Swoosh is to Nike. To protect this trademark, Boise State sought and obtained a federal trademark for the color blue as applied to artificial turf. Boise State University has recently approved a request by the California Soccer Park in Redding, California to use colored turf when the time comes to replace the fields. “The California Soccer Park would like to thank Boise State University for this approval, it certainly shows the University’s dedication to youth sports and community,” says Chad New, the park’s Executive Director.

The park can use this approval to provide businesses the opportunity to have a sports field branded in their company colors, as Field Naming Rights Sponsors. Dignity Health has been a valued and long-time sponsor of the park, and is now provided the opportunity to have a branded “Dignity-orange” orange soccer field with their logo stitched into the center. These sponsorship funds will provide lasting exposure for the sponsor, help the park replace the turf, add shade and rain shelter for players and fans, serve the community and give thousands of kids the chance to play on colored fields. Perhaps most importantly, the players are excited to play on such a unique and fun surface.

Chad notes that there is a small window of availability for a few companies to take advantage of this opportunity. Sponsors can have a branded field color, corner flags, light pole banners and a logo in the turf, but he hopes to have the fields replaced in 2019 if enough donations and sponsors join in. This ten-year marketing partnership is not only a one-of-a-kind opportunity, but also has a lasting impact on youth development.

For more field branding information, or to donate to the Field Replacement and Facility Improvement Project at the California Soccer Park, operated by a 501(c)3 non-profit, visit: or call 530- 338-4889.

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