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Redding Spring Season 2021

presented by the California Soccer Park

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Please note that registration does not include admission cost to spectate games. Admission is $4 per person for age 12 and up. Coaches and Players are free for games. State and County rules say that only household members may enter the facility as spectators.


6U     $ 55 Birth Years 2015-2016

8U     $ 55  Closed

10U   $ 85 Closed

12U   $ 90 Closed

14U   $ 95 Closed

16U   $ 100 Closed

If it is determined that there are enough players to have a 16U division, we will do that, otherwise we will combine HS age, 16U and 19U

  • How are Age Groups determined?
    6U means 6 and under... it is a soccer age and is determine by birth year. 6U = 2015-2016 8U = 2013-2014 10U = 2011-2012 12U = 2009-2010 14U = 2007-2008 16U = 2005-2006 19U = 2002-2004
  • When does the season start and end?
    The Season begins the week of March 22nd and ends May 22nd. (If you have a Tuesday Thursday practice slot, it begins on March 23rd). There are no activities on Spring Break week, April 5th -10th * Note 6U begins the week of March 29th.
  • Cost of Registration?
    Please note that registration does include practice field costs, but does not include admission cost to games. Cost is $4 per person for age 12 and up for games. Coaches and Players are free for games. 8U $ 55 10U $ 85 12U $ 90 14U $ 95 16U $ 100 19U $ 100 If it is determined that there are enough players to have a 16U division, we will do that, otherwise we will combine HS age, 16U and 19U
  • How is this season different?
    -There will be no jerseys this season. -Each player will be issued a reversible pinnie and it will be collected on the last day. -It is highly recommended that you bring your own ball so there are less opportunities for sharing equipment and contact. -There will be no referees. -Spectators must wear a mask at all times in the park. -Only household members may spectate at the park.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Refunds will be provided in COVID related situations. If a player on the team tests positive, the team will be contacted. If it is determined that the team needs to quarantine from the park for some reason, the remainder of the season will be refunded, less the initial transaction fee and proportionally to how many days remain in the season. If, for some reason, the season cannot happen, you will be refunded, less the initial transaction fee and proportionally to how many days remain in the season. No other refunds will be issued for any reason. No rollovers to future seasons will be conducted.
  • My child has decided not to play this season, can you just hold the registration fee until next season?"
    No, there are no rollovers.
  • What day are practices?
    Practices fall on either a M+W or a T+Th. There are time slots of 5-6, 6-7 and 7-8/7-8:30. We get the younger players in the earlier slots. There is no way to know what your practice schedule is until the coach has been assigned. The benefit of coaching is to be able to choose your time and day slot, so once your player has been assigned to a coach, they will contact you and let you know the time and day. This is a 8 week season.
  • Where are the games played?
    All games are played at: California Soccer Park 9800 Old Oregon Trail Redding, California 530-221-2344
  • Is there Admission cost for watching Spring Games?
    Yes, your registration does not include the cost to watch games. The nonprofit California Soccer Park requires you park admission fees in order to maintain the park, pay for business expenses like utilities, rent, field maintenance, COVID supplies, as well as safety, cleaning and organizational staff. *Note, at this time, only household members are allowed to enter the park for Spring 2021 Season. This is a State Rule. Park admission for games is $4. You may also purchase a non-refundable season pass or year pass in the Membership section of the website.
  • Who is my coach?
    Coaches will be in contact within one week of the first practice.
  • When will I hear from a coach?
    Coaches should contact players approximately 1 week prior to the beginning of the season.
  • How are Teams formed?
    Teams are formed as evenly as possible, taking into account the player’s requests, transportation requirements, age, etc. We can not guarantee parent requests for player placement, however, requests can be made during online registration. *Note: it is not fun for anyone when a team wins 50 to zero. For that reason, we do not allow full teams to stay as one from year to year in a recreational league. There are competitive leagues if you want to play with the same team each year. Please find information at for that. Players will learn to play with new players each season, meet new friends and we will work to keep the teams fair.
  • Can I request to have my kids play on the same team?
    Assuming that they are in the same age group, then yes. Please make sure that you mark the registration form that you wish this to occur. This is especially important for siblings that do not share a last name. However, requests are not guaranteed.
  • Can I request to have my kid placed with a certain player or with a certain coach?
    Possibly. We attempt to honor requests to have players play with their friends or for certain coaches. HOWEVER, we cannot always honor every request. Sometimes there are just too many requests, players have changed age groups or we just need to move kids around to balance out the size of teams. When a fulll team requests each other, we have a problem of creating a team that is similar to the previous year. This causes issues for the enitre league, having one team more advanced than others. This is not the mission of our recreational league.
  • What equipment do I need?
    Players must have shin guards and cleats for all practices and events. A ball is recommended. Cleats: You may choose to use turf shoes or cleats, but no cleat on the front toe of the shoe. The front cleat is for baseball and football, but not soccer as it can injur others when kicking. Shin guards: Check that the guard fits around the shin and that the straps fit comfortably. Socks must cover the entire shin guard. Ball: 8U uses a size 3 ball, 10U uses a size 4 ball, 12U and older use a size 5 ball.
  • Do I need a Mask?
    Yes, all who enter the park must be wearing a mask, at this time. We will inform you if this changes. It is recommended by the State and County that masks be worn by players during play. Players must wear a mask on the sideline and during breaks. All coaches and spectators must wear a mask at all times while in the park.
  • What do I need to know about Saftey?
    We follow the State and County youth sport guidlines. More info here..... -Maintain physcial distance of 6ft at all times -Follow the directional arrows on the ground -Follow the new one-way drop off system in the parking lot, upon entering the park from Old Oregon Trail new cones will guide you toward the center of the parking lot.
  • Will Striker's Food and Beverage be open?
    Strikers will be open during Modified Game weeks.
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