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A day dedicated to global generosity, bringing power and support to individuals and organizations that work to transform their communities around the world. 

The California Soccer Park is a non-profit 501c3 organization designed to operate the park for the City of Redding. We rely on community support and sponsorship from local and beyond. We're thankful to have the involvement of many business that sponsor the park, and would to have your support this December 3rd for #GivingTuesday. 

This year we're partnering and the

Shasta Regional Community Foundation

as a registered non-profit organization.

To schedule your #GivingTuesday donation, visit:


"It is amazing to think that each person who has attended the park has their own memories, rich with perspective.  Not least of these are the many lesson's learned about teamwork, friendships, creativity, sport and so much more.  California Soccer Park is a second home to me, my kids and so many others."

- Coach Jane Y.

"Our family loves the soccer park in Redding California...the only one in the Northstate!  It is an integral part of our growing community and it would be a shame if it did not get the replenishment it needs. All the games and practices for the very first soccer season of our 6 year old were here and I can’t imagine somewhere else in the area that would accommodate these."

- Michael F.

"As a youth soccer player in the late 1970's and early 1980's, my select team traveled to Europe and trained and played against competition in Holland, Germany and Austria.  Though we were successfully competitive, we were amazed by the training facilities European youth players had available to them.  Conversely, at home, we trained and played on very poor public school fields.  Fast forward to when the Redding made the commitment to establish a soccer specific facility, this immediately and positively impacted the soccer culture in Redding and has made the sport an ingrained part of our community.  Better yet, this has immensely benefited the development of our young people athletically and as productive future citizens.  I believe investing in the California Soccer Park in Redding is imperative and highly justified in ensuring we shape our youth on and off the field."

- John S

"As a local resident for over 40 years and being raised here as a child it's amazing to see the development and growth of Redding. My son has played soccer for the last 4 years and having such a facility has been a huge part of his enthusiasm for the sport and its been wonderful to have a field to develop his skills. While acting as an assistant coach for the last two seasons I have seen the remarkable growth that a young team of boys have worked very hard to build friendships and also the love for this team sport."

- John D.W.

"We have 3 daughters who have all played soccer at all levels, recreational, competitive, high school and college level.  As a family we have been to a great deal of soccer parks and fields.  When we moved to Redding, we were drawn to the east side where the park is located because we knew we would be spending many hours at the soccer park.  We are so very lucky to have such an awesome park where our teams can practice and play competitive games."

- Laura E.

"All three of my kids play soccer and my husband coaches, so obviously soccer is a big part of our lives, and the soccer park was one of the reasons we chose Redding as our home when we moved here from the Bay Area. We've spent many weekends there, made many friends, donated our time and strengthened our family on those fields."

- Kristen S.

"All three of my children have used the park extensively as they played in youth soccer and co-ed leagues.  The park has become park of our lives over many years, on which my children were able to develop their physical skills, mental confidence, and lasting relationships with other players and coaches.  The park is a valuable part of the community and fills an ever growing need of youth and adult recreation, team building, and character development."

- Clint B.

"The soccer park is a permanent fixture in my memory of the city as it is for many people who grew up loving sports.  My teammates and I always had a good time, win or lose, and we learned a lot about healthy competition, sportsmanship, and perseverance.  The soccer park also strengthens family and community bonds.  My dad was my coach, and later on, I was my little brother's assistant coach."

- 2nd Lt. Conner S.

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